Thursday, 10 July 2014

Travel Diary: Berlin

In late June I went to Berlin for a few days with some of my closest friends to explore a city none of us had ever been too. It was such a great trip, we where there from Sunday- Thursday evening so we had a good length of time to explore. Although we had 5 days I think you could probably do Berlin in 2 days if you really needed to, but we managed to fill the time.

The Berlin Wall

 One of my favourite things we went to see was the Berlin Wall. This may sound strange, aside from the bombing, I did expect it to be a lot bigger! The colours and the art work was just fantastic but I did think it was a bit of a shame that people had been signing the wall. I don't know I just thought it was a bit disrespectful that a person who had only stood there for 5 minutes felt they should write their name on such a piece of history. For example who cares that Louise from Canada was here.. I don't know I just wasn't sure about that one.

Brandenburg Gate

 The Brandenburg Gate was really cool, I think they were setting up a screen to watch the football behind. I wish we had gone back to see it all lit up at night time!

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial was really amazing. I didn't realise that the ground level changed and as a result the statues varied in height. It was really disorientating and strange but that was the intention of the piece!

This is just a snapshot of some of the things we got up to in Berlin we also went to Checkpoint Charlie, Topography of terrors, Reichstag Building and Hitler's Bunker. The Topography of Terrors was brilliant, one of the best museums I have ever been too. The one disappointment (aside from the weather) was Hitler's Bunker .. it doesn't actually exists. I know? Weird right? It was literally a car park with a sign-up saying this is where the Bunker used to be and we initially walked straight passed it. 

There is so much history to see that I would definitely recommend a trip there. If you do decide to go however you simply have to go to Burgermiester which is tucked away, under the train line in East Berlin, near the Berlin Wall. The wait can be long because it a popular local place but it is honestly the best burger I have ever had, and that's saying something as I'm a huge GBK fan. 

Have you ever been to Berlin?

El x


  1. Yes I have!! I totally agree about Burgermeister a wonderful eating experience and such great value. But which is better Burgermeister of GBK?? GREAT BLOG. Good advice for people like me who are fashionably challenged :) xx

  2. You write so well :) you should be a travel writer

  3. Hello :) erm hard question I'd maybe say GBK has the edge purely because it's so much more accessible and easy to come by aha :)