Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Glorious Goodwood: Ladies' Day

Hello! On the 31st of July I went to Ladies Day at Goodwood Racecourse with my Mum and a few other family members. It's so much fun, although it sounds like the most middle class thing ever I assure you it isn't. With tickets starting at £16 and under 18s going free (although I never notice many children there) you really do see people from all walks of life attending.

Tom Cruise was there! I did actually see him in real life but I didn't have time to take a picture (btw he is SO short in real life!)

What I really love though is seeing what people are wearing. Now I am by no means a clothes snob but there really are some questionable dress choices with women wearing heels that they can barely walk in- and that's just walking into the entrance gates! Having said that the majority of the people that go do make an effort and look really nice and I, personally love the formality of the occasion .

Model Edie Campbell looked amazing in her Vivienne Westwood jersey 

The Winners Enclosure

I highly recommend going if you are in the area as it really is great fun. I would say there are a few things to know when going to the races:

1. Bring any sun protection stuff- Hat, sunglasses, SPF, the lot. You don't realise how much time you're actually spend in the sun and you don't really want to end the day looking like a lobster.

2. Either wear comfortable heels or flats. There really is no point in wearing uncomfortable heels, even wearing shoes as fabulous at Louboutins, you look somewhat less fabulous if you wince every time you tread.

3.Don't go too OTT with the betting. Yes it is fun but it can be incredibly expensive. Remember gambling is a fools game, the winning streak never lasts.

Ellie x

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