Saturday, 2 August 2014

Saucy Saturday: Thai Green Curry

Something a bit different I know but I fancied making something and I figured why not blog about it. I was roughly following a green curry recipe but I added extra vegetables just to be a bit healthier. 

The recipe is pretty easy so i'm not going to go into detail as to how to do it. Basically you mix up the curry paste. Add it to the coconut milk and add the vegetables and chicken and your ready to go. 

Chopping everything up .. 

I chose to use these vegetables but by all means shake things up and use something different

(Big love for the NutriBullet)

 Browning the chicken

Remove the chicken and then add the vegetables

Add Coconut milk & stock

Add the green curry paste

Heat up some rice and serve!

I actually forgot to photograph the end plate because I was to busy eating it .. Ooops .. 

El x

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