Wednesday, 3 September 2014

London Trip: Jersey Boys

A few weeks a go a very food friend and I went up to London to see Jersey Boys. A show we had both been dying to see. We had such a lovely day just browsing around and I know I'm only young, and I have by no means visited a huge amount of cities but I think London will always be my favorite city in the world. I just love the vibe and the concept of a fast paced metropolitan life style really appeals to me.

Our first point of call was to go to the Hummingbird Bakery in Soho. I have been before but my friend Nicole hadn't so it was a long overdue visit. I had a really yummy Red Velvet cupcake which I did enjoy despite it being quite sweet.

We spent the afternoon pottering around we went down to Covent Garden and had a walk around there. I don't think any purchases were made which is certainly rather unsual. I think the majority of our money went of food which is pretty typical.

We couldn't decide where to do for dinner but we were rather taken by the look of Jamie's Pop-Up Diner which was only round the corner of the theatre. I had a chicken burger with extra avocado which was really nice but nothing like as good as GBK. 

After we were suitably full and had some time to kill we decided to walk back towards Covent Garden as on our way there we had seen them setting up for the Inbetweeners 2 premier. It was quite an excited atmosphere but nothing like how I imagine the premier of say a Harry Potter or a new Hunger Games film would be. We didn't see anyone of any real celebrity apart from Craig Davis who plays the headmaster- he is so tall! 

We then made our way to the theatre and found our seats. Of course I couldn't take any pictures in the show but it was SO good. I had the most amazing time, all the songs are just classics and I think I had pretty much heard of all of them! 

If you are in London definatly go and see the show it really is fab.

Ellie xx

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