Thursday, 11 September 2014

REVIEW: Decleor DD Cream SPF 30

Hey guys, here is another summer favorite I have been enjoying. As you know I am a huge fan of SPF but finding a dencent SPF to either wear under make-up or which doesn't give you a weird sort of white cast on your face can be not only difficult but expensive. Yes I know this is a DD cream, another twist in what seems to be the ongoing production of alphabet products .. BB,CC, DD .. EE?! But I really do think this one is pretty special.

Now this product is by no means cheap but it has 100% mineral UV screens and is of an high SPF indensity so would only really be needed in the summer months or times of intense sun exposure, meaning that a cheaper product with less SPF can be used in the winter. 

The formula is quite liquid and slightly tinted, although this tint converts into any coverage on the skin. Unlike other tinted products which contain SPF the DD cream glides really nicely over the skin and doesn't clog pores and cling to dry patches. It is sented which for some may be an absolute no but I actually really love the smell, It's almost slightly sun creamy so very reminiscent of holidays.

I found this product worked well undearneath my Bare Minerals mineral make up which was really all I wore thought summer. The product claims to leave skin looking matte, something I would dispute. I would worn people with really oily skin to maybe steer clear as it might make you look very shiny but for others I think it would work really well.

If I was lucky enough to have gone away to some hot and exotic location this product would definatly have been in my travel make-up brand. The slight tint and the high SPF rating really makes it a summer make-up bag staple.

What do you think? Have you tried this DD cream? 

Ellie xx

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