Friday, 10 October 2014

REVIEW: Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleansing Balm

Hi everyone!

This product featured in my recent September favorites but I thought I'd go into a bit more detail about it because it really is fab. I went to a Lush party recently where you basically learn more about the products and you go home having made your own face mask. It really was so much fun and this was one of the products we used to remove our make-up before sampling some of the masks. 

I like to take a small amount a dot is all over my face, and with gentle circular movements break down my make-up. I was so impressed with how well this worked on removing my Benefit They're Real Mascara, a product which is notoriously stubborn to remove. Once i look sufficiently like a panda I get a damp muslin cloth and remove the excess oil and the result is clean and hydrated skin. I find the hydration part really important as a lot of cleansers can be really stripping. 

I'd consider my skin to be pretty normal to combination so I don't feel really greasy after using the product. I can imagine if you are very oily that maybe you should steer clear of this product and use a gel or cream cleanser as it does leave a bit of a residue.

This product has become a firm favorite in my routine now as it works wonders with removing my make-up and has really no scent at all- I'm sure I'll keep repurchasing. 

What do you think of this product?

Ellie xx

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Make-up Revelation: The Double Cleanse

Hi Everyone!

As a product fanatic I am always looking to give my skin a good clean in the morning and evening for many reasons, prevent clogged pores, break-outs .. You get the drill.

I was doing a big of research into enhancing my skin care routine where I came across the concept of double cleansing. At first I was thinking, hang on this is a waste of product but upon trying it out for my self it has been quite a revelation. 

Even after cleansing once that there may be a bit of make-up or residue left on the skin, therefore cleansing twice insures optimal cleansed skin. I have been using a oil based cleanser such as the Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser followed by my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and I have really noticed a difference in how clean my skin looks and feels. 

Why don't you give it ago?

Ellie xx

Friday, 3 October 2014

September 2014 Beauty and Random Favorites

Hello Everyone! Here are some items I have been enjoying throughout the month of September.

1. Essie Nail Varnish in Luxedo

This is such a gorgeous shade! A really deep cherry red, which in some lights looks black. I'm sure I'll continue loving this shade as we move into the winter months.

2. Lush Instablur Cleanser

This cleanser has become a staple in my night time routine because it is so nourishing. I massage the balm to remove my make-up- even tough mascara is no problem. I then wipe it off with a muslin cloth and wet my face slightly to remove any remaining oil.

3. The Body Shop Mango Body Wash

I cannot get enough of the smell of this body wash. I love it when you use a shower gel/ body wash which has a lasting scent, especially one as delicious as this.

4. MAC Lipstick in Peach Blossom 

I have been on a search for my perfect nude and I think I may have found in in peach blossom. Funnily enough I wouldn't say this wasn't a peach but more of a slightly brown toned pink.  It's SO beautiful.

5. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I won't go on about this one because there must be thousands of reviews about this product. Believe it or not I've never actually owed a concealer because I don't really have problem skin but I have started getting a few spots recently and decided to take action. I've really been enjoying using this and setting it with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and I know it won't budge.

6. The Divergent Trilogy

These books were recommended to me by a friend as I really enjoyed the Hunger Games Trilogy. The second book was by far my favorite and I really enjoyed these action packed stories.I didn't have the 'I can't bare to put this book down' phase which I did with the Hunger Games Trilogy but for lovers of that series I think this trilogy will attempt to fill the void left on completion of the Hunger Games.

7. Topshop Mom Jeans in Black

A classic, flattering shape which is quite simply an everyday favorite.

8. Sam Smith 'In The Lonely Hour' CD

I don't think this CD is a 'monthly favorite' more a 'life favorite', I adore Sam Smith. In this album I have found near perfection. My only one issue with the album is that my favorite song called Nirvana is not included! Such a shame because the rest of the album is SO amazing.

9. Waitrose Homous

A bit of a weird one but I thought why not! I adore this stuff and it is THE nicest homous around and I feel I can say that because I have tried a lot.

10. Cinnamon and Rasin Bagel

My family have never actually been bagel people but these were quite a revelation. They are so delicious for breakfast with a light spread of butter. I love anything cinnamony so these are right up my street.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)

Ellie xx