Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The start of a new school year ..

Starting a new year at a new school or a current school/uni/college is a daunting experience. This means new people, new lessons, maybe even new subjects. I have just begun my last year of eductaion studying for my A2 exams. Alevels have been a tough experience, as many people especially myself do not realise that they are a HUGE step up from GCSEs. At first I really stuggled with AS levels, but now looking back and having now started my second year I feel as if I could easily re-take some of my GCSEs! It just shows how much you can learn in a year, and not to doubt your own ability.

The one thing I though was really strange at the beginning of my AS level year was all the new students around me. All of a sudden my classes weren't full of people I had previously known for three years and it was a bit unsettling. The important thing to think about is imagine how the new people are feeling (or if you are new to your school you'll empathise). Going into a completely alien enviroment and having to resume work at an even harder level whilst trying to make new friends is pretty terrifying. But now when I think about my friends now, they were new a year ago and its almost we have know each other for a lifetime!

If you have just started a new school and after the first few days, or week you are hating it, don't despair! Everyone goes through this stage of hating a new environment but there are a number of things you can do to hopefully break the ice :)

1. Join a extra curricular group- One of the easiest ways to make friends is to join an extra curricular group. Whether thats, Drama, a choir a sports team - anything like that will help you meet new people and enjoy doing something out of the classroom.

2. Easier said than done, but, appear confident- This doesn't mean arrogance or shouting over people, it simply means being the person to take the first step. If you have set seats in class and you have to sit next to someone be the first one to simply say 'Hello my name is ...' its that easy. By immediatly doing that you have put the other person at ease and you will find convosation to flow much more easily. If the roles are reversed and someone says hello to you, just relax and be yourself - look them in the eye and reply.

3. Find a comman interest- Once you have begun talking to someone find a common interest that you can talk about. Whether your in maths and you just say 'Ergh I don't like maths' its just a starting point for convosation.

These steps are so simple but can really help you out!

So good luck for the next few weeks. Don't panic, be yourself and smile!- things will get better :D

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