Saturday, 23 August 2014

Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson - No Spoilers

Hi everyone, I picked up this book at the station when I was waiting for my mum. I can't remember why it caught my eye but I think I had read a review on it and thought it sounded interesting so I decided to pick it up.

The book revolves around Christine, who looses her memory every time she goes to sleep due to an incident which happened years ago. Everyday her husband Ben has to re-tell her who he is, who she is and some rough details of their life together. Christine is called by Dr Nash who reminds her that she has decided to keep a journal of what happens on each day (the book is written in this journal format) in order for her to read this document every time she wakes up to refresh her memory.

It becomes apparent that the people around her aren't being entirely honest with her and could be hiding important truths from her. I liked the way the book is written, the emotion is raw and I really did sympathise with the vulnerable Christine as she attempts to piece her life back together, often finding out painful details which would be easier for her not to know. Through-out, I really had no idea which characters were to be trusted, because of this I felt the reader shares Christine's frustration as she attempts to navigate her memories.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you want to get into crime thrillers or if you are looking for a book to really get your teeth into.

They are also turning this gripping tale into a film starring Nicole Kidman which I really hope does the book justice.

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