Sunday, 30 November 2014

How To Keep Organised And Manage Your Time

Hi Everyone,

Keeping organised and managing time are two really important skills to have and are something I really struggle with. Recently though I have really been trying to make a conscious effort and be more organised - partly due the the approaching new year and the whole 'New year new me' cliche. There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get when you don't know where you're meant to be or what time you're meant to be there. Because of this I thought I'd assemble some tips and tricks I've learnt to make your life an awful lot easier.

1. Buy a diary:

Get your hands on a handbag size diary which you can carry with you everywhere. It means that if you get to work and they ask you to work a shift in two weeks or if you're deciding to meet friends it means you can always be prepared and forward plan.

2. Tidy 'your space':

Whatever your space might be, office, bedroom whatever I find keeping my space tidy really makes a difference to how proactive I am. I also find having a tidy, de-cluttered room means I sleep better? Just me?

3. Make Lists:

I am constantly writing to-do lists. Writing lists means that your day has direction but also that you are less likely to forget to do important things. It also gives you a real sense of accomplishment when you have completed a task that you can cross off your list.

4. Give yourself time:

When you have an early morning it can be so tempting to stay in bed for as long as possible which means you are then in a huge rush, resulting in you forgetting things and just generally being shaken up. If you know you have a hard time getting up then take this into consideration and set your alarm appropriately. Don't kid yourself that you can be showered, dressed and fully ready to go in ten minutes if you know this isn't realistic.

5. Pack the night before;

I recently went up to London for the Matalan SS15 press launch and because it was such an early morning I decided to pack my handbag the night before. It meant that when I was (inevitably) running late I didn't have to worry that half way to the station that I'd realise I didn't have my purse etc. Preparing in this way  means that you can put a bottle of water in the fridge to take with you so you aren't having to pay premium rates when you get thirsty.

6. Plan don't cram:

Don't agree to doing too much in one day if you know you're going to be late or it is unfeasible because this is a mega source of stress. I recently agreed to work at my two separate jobs on the same day which are in two separate locations which meant I was so stressed that I wouldn't get from one to the other in time.

I hope this has helps!

Ellie x

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