Saturday, 27 September 2014

REVIEW: Empress Nails

Hello! I picked these nails up in my local Boots because I adored the pattern. I had never worn fake nails before because I have never seen the point really especially when I enjoy painting my own nails.

With an antiseptic wipe included and easy peel off backs application was very easy. However, I have quite small hands which meant that I didn't use the biggest nail size because it looked ridiculous.

-This was taken after a few days of wear hence why the nails tips are turning white-

I put the nails on and proceeded to cut them down as they were way too long. I cut the nails down to pretty much my natural length leaving them to look like nail stickers rather than fake nails which suited me more.

What I have found difficult is doing anything with my hair as it gets caught in gaps around the edges of the nails. Maybe this is because I didn't stick them down properly? But I can imagine them being a bit impractical.

Having worn them for a few days I have received many compliments on them and I do really enjoy the look of them but it is difficult to find outfits to go with them because they are so bold!

Have you tried these nails before?

Ellie xx

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