Sunday, 20 July 2014

Morning GRWM

Good Morning! I thought I would show you how I get ready and make myself look presentable to the world.

Obviously the first thing to do is to get up which, I'm not going to lie, takes me a rather long time. But when I am finally concious I'll go down stairs and have some breakfast. Typically I like to be as healthy as I can at breakfast and for me I feel so much more positive and awake if I've had a good breakfast. 

No this isn't just a huge bowl of banana buried underneath there is; blueberries, raspberries, passion fruit and an Activia prune yogurt. This sort of breakfast isn't too heavy but still fills you up so it's perfect for a busy day. 

I don't drink normal tea and I rarely drink coffee so I've been really getting into mint tea recently

After finishing my breakfast (and maybe watching a few YouTube videos..) I drag myself back upstairs and jump in the shower. 

In the shower I have really been enjoying using the John Freida range, it just smells so amazing! I've got the. I proceed to wash my body with the balance me shower gel and then wash my face with my Simple cleansing face wash. When I jump out the shower I put some of the John Frieda hair oil on the ends of my hair and I moisturise my face with the Simple moisturiser. I then just let my hair air dry.

For make-up I usually keep it pretty simple. I really like using a BB cream, set in place with my Bare Minerals powder foundation. Just a slick of mascara (I know I said I wasn't keen on this one but I want to use it up). I don't use much blush because I'm naturally quite rosey, then I finish off with a balm or moisturising lip colour.

Look out for my next post going into detail about this make-up and there is an outfit post coming up :)

I hope you enjoyed this. I know its a bit bizarre to see this type of content on a blog and not a YouTube channel but oh well! It's something a bit different.

El x

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