Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer Lip Maintenance

I always find that my lips become really dry in the summer months. I think this is because of wearing sun-cream, swimming in chlorinated water and just general sun exposure which causes my lips to become really dry and cracked- not a pretty sight. But, I have found two products which I have been really enjoying using whist I was on holiday in order to keep my lips nice and smooth. 

Now, I haven't been into Lush since I was about 13 when I was obsessed with bath bombs (I still have about 20 of them!) but I just happened to be in lush with a friend when I spotted their Lip Scrubs. I had never even thought about exfoliating my lips but I was lured in by the amazing smell of the Popcorn lip scrub and the rest is history. I love using the scrub, which is also edible, at any point in the day to remove any flaking skin. 

After exfoliating my lips (and eating the excess) I proceed with a lip balm. I used to be a huge Vaseline fan and don't get me wrong I still love it when they bring out their limited edition flavours but I got to the stage where I just didn't think it was actually doing anything to my lips. Whilst in Lush I happened upon a beeswax lip balm which I have just been loving. As I'm writing this blog post and looking at the lip balm all the writing on the top of the pot has actually rubbed off so I can't remember they name of it but I'm sure any of the other Lush lip balms are just as good.

I really like the fact Lush products aren't packed full of chemicals like other brands. This bees wax lip balm is no exception as it contains Shea butter, almond oil, bees wax, honey - all that kind of good stuff. I also like that this balm doesn't have a glossy finish like the Vaseline ones which means it's a great one to apply before using a lipstick.

Overall I have notice that my lips are in far better condition because of these products so I highly recommend that you give them a whirl! 

Do you have any other lip maintenance recommendations? 

El x

P.S this is not sponsored by Lush I just like their lip products 😊

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